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Earth Telecommunication Pvt.Ltd(ETL) (as58715) is one of the largest IIG operating in Bangladesh telecommunication industry with admiration and reliability. ETL formed to understand the growing need for reliable International Internet Gateway (IIG) and provide IP Transit services to the large number of ISPs, BWAs and other ANS operators in Bangladesh.To create a platform for better reach of customers globally Earth has connected with several Tier-1 service providers across the world through SMW-4,SMW-5 such as-

 Hurricane Electric LLC
 NTT America, Inc.
 Cogent Communications
 Voxility LLP
 Bharti Airtel Ltd
 Vocus Connect International Backbone
We also have IX connectivity over international IPLC services with Equinix and SGIX in Singapore and Mumbai-IX & Chennai-IX in India. By using our formidable network our clients have International IP coverage and convergence services throughout North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. We do have point of presence in almost every city all over the country with tremendous stability and uptime of 99.95%.

Earth has designed their IP Transit network with precision from scratch to obtain the lowest latencies, fewest hops, reliability and stable round trip times.
ETL is offering carrier-grade service to telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP) by providing Multihomed IP-transit service with the best route selection for client’s destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance.

Earth has an International standard Tier-III Data center where you can host your network devices, servers. We offering Private suite, cage location, rack space, dedicated server, virtual server, cross connect, Inter-site connectivity and blended IP solutions to our customers by affordable expense with top notch service and support.

Cloud ETL is offering several cloud services to our customers such as –
 Public Cloud
 Private Cloud
 DaaS(Desktop As A Service)
 FWaaS (Firewall as A service)
 BaaS (Backup As A Service)

IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a point-to-point highly reliable, secured,dedicated data communication service. Especially at the time of mission critical applications where the integration of all three applications – data, voice, and video come into use. IPLC Service is a high-speed connectivity solution for enterprises from small to large and varied communication requirements connecting anywhere in the world via submarine cable or terrestrial cable.

ETL’s IPLC is a Point-to-Point (P2P) private line that provides clients with dedicated pure Layer 1 international data bandwidth for real-time applications. This ‘Private Circuit’ or ‘Data Line’ may be used by businesses seeking to connect geographically distant offices to manage switches in order to prioritize traffic. This service can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video-conferencing, and any other form of telecommunication. 

Workflow Optimization is a cross platform message optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

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There is a growing need for quality, consistency and reliability - anywhere, anytime and we are committed to deliver the value proposition for our customers across the community. Providing end-to-end solutions with reliable cutting- edge technology, we aspire to bring the world closer leveraging national and international infrastructure.

Multiple global Tier-1 transit providers.

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