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leading International Internet Gateway (IIG)


Earth Telecommunication (Pvt.) Ltd is the one of leading International Internet Gateway (IIG) providers built its business by offering the most reliable and affordable service to national ISPs, BWA, and Telecom area in Bangladesh. As an integrated IP transit and communications technology provider, we adopt the latest technology to help clients create business value and succeed in the ever-changing economic environment. We offer a wide range of services including IP transit, systems development, and solutions integration, data center services & management services, and cloud computing services.

considering reliable, scalable and quality your business demands.

Our Strengths:

Earth’s IP Transit service offers the important value in the Bangladesh market place by considering reliable, scalable and quality your business demands. Powered by the most interconnected network with multiple Global Tier-1 transit providers and serving IP transit service especially from Dhaka and Chittagong zone. Combine our wide choice of multiple Tire- 1 transit providers and bi -lateral peering with National exchange point (NIX) with our best connectivity to major access and content networks throughout the local and global content by NIX, Google Global Cache (GCC) & Facebook Network Appliance (FNA) node in Bangladesh and Akami and Netflix are on progress.
Earth’s Network is built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the foremost provider of next-generation IP backbone products deployed and all Juniper core infrastructure is adopt, allowing us to provide unparalleled stability, low -latency forwarding, QoS, and IP packet filtering, without compromising with performance. Earth Telecom’s network is specifically designed to enable robust performance with stringent SLAs. It is designed for applications requiring the highest level of performance and availability with solutions uniquely suited for advanced services requiring the best service metrics available.


To connect every clan in Bangladesh with top-notch Internet & multimedia services with the objective to build digital Bangladesh.


To implement state-of-the-art transmission technology with formidable, reliable, scalable and affordable service quality.

Earth will continue to expand their network in the future to provide best reach ability to the customers out in remote rural areas.

Md. Nasir Uddin Ahmed


Md. Nasir has been in Internet industry since 1997. He is one of the very early satellite and telecommunication business entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Also, he is the chairman of the other three ventures, i.e Orbit (Home & SOHO internet service), Dhakacolo (Data center) and Creative Bangladesh (System Integration wing).

Md. Kamal Hussain

Managing Director

Md. Kamal is also the Managing Director of Orbit (Home & SOHO internet service), Dhakacolo (Data center) and Creative Bangladesh (System Itegration wing). He contributed significantly to build technology infrastructure in various leading internet companies since it’s inception in Bangladesh. He served as the CTO in Mango Teleservices Limited, the first IGW company of Bangladesh. He also worked in Ranks IIT and in Agni Systems at senior technology positions.

Mrs. Ela Ahmed

Executive Director

Md.Fatehuzzaman Rashed

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Fatehuzzaman is playing the key role to Setting company’s technical vision and leading the company’s technological development. Prior to join here, Mr. Zaman worked in leading ISPs such as RangsITT, QUBEE, Banglion and Curnival accordingly.

Rajib Chakraborty

Head of Sales

Mr. Rajib is known for his fresh thinking, extraordinary team playing at any level, natural risk-taker, a delicate blending of sensibleness and aggression as well, and a natural intent to contribute to business for any given situation. Being a leading International Internet Gateway (IIG), Earth Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd has fabricated its business by offering the most reliable and affordable service to LSP’s, ISP’s and the telecom industry in Bangladesh.

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